Cycling Weather on Vancouver Island:
We have “Goldilocks” weather on Vancouver Island. Never too hot, never too cold.

At the end of February we do our annual flower count. More than 8 billion blooms were counted in Victoria this year. In tony Oak Bay, they count palm trees!! While at various other destinations on the island, like the rugged and wild west coast, the tourists come in to watch the winter storms.

For your cycling trip, bring some rain gear. But you are just as likely to encounter extended periods of dry, warm weather, especially along the Island’s east cost, where most of the people live and most of your road tour options can be found. The west coast is rainforest, but the sun does shine through in the summertime.

Think Mediterranean. Summer merges into fall. Warm, dry and sunny weather can linger through October on southern Vancouver Island. Perfect riding weather.


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